Display format

This setting specifies the way that each entry will be shown within the glossary. The default formats are:

Simple, dictionary style:
Looks like a conventional dictionary with separate entries. No authors are displayed and attachments are shown as links.
Continuous without author:
Shows the entries one after other without any kind of separation but the editing icons.
Full with author:
A forum-like display format showing author's data. Attachments are shown as links.
Full without author:
A forum-like display format that does not show author's data. Attachments are shown as links.
Like 'Full with author' but attached images are shown inline.
Entry list:
This lists the concepts as links.
Useful for displaying lists of Frequently Asked Questions. It automatically appends the words QUESTION and ANSWER in the concept and definition respectively.

Moodle administrators can create new formats following the instructions in mod/glossary/formats/README.txt.

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